Welcome to the Handbook for the

Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe


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I Prelude

  1. 1.I.1  Preface

  2. 2.I.2  The Ten Principles for the Episcopal Churches in Europe (English, Italian, French)

  3. 3.I.3  Map of Convocation

  1. 4.I.4  Convocation Organizational Chart

  2. 5.I.5  Acronyms

II Welcome to the Convocation

  1. 1.II.1  The Convocation today

  2. 2.II.2  A brief history of the Convocation

  3. 3.II.3  What’s the Convocation good for, anyway?

  4. 4.II.4  Letter to delegates on the four aspects of Convention

  5. 5.II.5  Resolution guidelines

  6. 6.II.6  Resolution regarding expenses for Convention

  7. 7.II.7  Canonical structure of The Episcopal Church

III Mission

  1. 1.III.1  Vision 2012 (CC2012-Res.1)

  2. 2.III.2  Convocation Cycle of Prayer

  3. 3.III.3  Bibliography

IV Administrative forms

Reimbursement form and guidelines

Guidelines for Grant Requests

Grant Application Form


The Bishop is Coming! Now What?

Building missions

Small church growth strategy

Annotated workbook for financial review committees


Guidelines & procedures for the care and protection of children

Personal background and references (Youth leaders)

Child protection compliance statement

Youth parental consent form


Overview of the search process for a new rector

Standards for clergy letters of agreement

Form for permission to solemnize a marriage (for clergy)

Discernment and formation

Guidelines for those seeking ordination to the Diaconate or Priesthood or Licensing as Lay Ministers, and the congregations seeking to present candidates

V. Official Documents

Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church

Constitution and Canons of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe

Primer on the history of The Episcopal Church, and more

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